Aspen Crossfit: Scoreboard

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  1. hotforclay says:

    Is there any place on the website that lists the classes that Clay teaches?

  2. Firebreather says:

    Don’t forget to Log your “Filthy Fifty” times to the Aspen Xfit scoreboard! Log in and follow the link above. It could not be easier! Log in is on the right column, immediately below the Blog/WOD search!

    Dirty, filthy WOD.. and we love em!

  3. Firebreather says:

    Get on it Aspen Crossfitters.. subscribe to our blog right above the ‘Crossfit Comments’ section, and you can load up your ‘benchmark’ WODs and PRs!! Living the dream right here in Aspen, CO! We are so proud of all of you and your hard work and are seeing gains “across the board!” We love our Aspen Crossfit family!

    Hard is Good!

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