“Thoughts for the Adventure”

Thoughts for the Adventure
July 28, 2011

In late May I had lunch with a member of the Chapel. We had a delightful time talking about a whole cadre of topics, including my health. Little did I know that after lunch he would drive me to Aspen Crossfit at the ABC in Aspen. It was there that he introduced me to Erik the owner and trainer extraordinaire. A few minutes later, I was signed up. I had no idea then how my life would significantly change. Crossfit is an amazing process through which to achieve high levels of fitness in a setting that is encouraging, dynamic, challenging, and ego free. All over the walls at the gym are a variety of quotations. My favorite says, “Life is hard. Compared to what?” Another one states, “Check egos here.” This later one is over the front door. While I find Crossfit extremely difficult and demanding, I have been making progress, one day at a time. Although I am getting fit, I am last in each class when it comes to time, amount of weight lifted, or repetitions. What has made it all possible is the profound encouragement and enthusiasm of the trainers Erik and Clay as well as fellow participants. Each time I work out I hear from others who are in superb condition, “You can do it Robert. Keep going Robert. Great work Robert.” Encouragement makes it all possible and motivates me to get up and do another day of training. I am profoundly grateful to everyone around me. As I think about it, however, encouragement is not only necessary for success toward fitness goals, but surviving, enduring, and overcoming obstacles both in life and in our journey in faith. God did not make us to face anything alone. God created us as living beings who need tremendous support from others and continual pats on the back. We are made for relationships, not to be alone. I want to ask each of you to join me in being intentional each and every day about encouraging others and offering pats on the back, both literally and figuratively. Take the time to uplift someone and offer words of praise for effort. Say to someone “Great job. Thank you for all you do. You are wonderful. You are so helpful. You have made my day.” Just say something motivating, gracious, and kind to another. You never know when it will be just what another person needs to hear to keep going. It is what God would have us do. It is what Jesus Christ does for us through others if we take the time to listen to the encouraging voices around us.

Robert +

Thanks Robert DeWetter, Fellow Aspen Crossfit Firebreather, for your kind words!  This is a great testament to just what is going on here at Aspen Crossfit!  The words speak for themselves!  Rock on Aspen Crossfit.. here’s to you and our fantastic family of “Firebreathing Friends!”

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2 Responses to “Thoughts for the Adventure”

  1. Erik says:

    “Just knowing that we have the ability to have this sort of impact on another is what makes CrossFit and Aspen CrossFit all worthwhile. Igniting human performance one athlete at a time through values and ultimate leadership. Thank you Robert and Clay for being who you are!!!”

  2. Firebreather says:

    Well written Robert! And well crushed on your Crossfit WODs.. you are a Firebreather of the finest variety!! Keep it up! Get on it.. Rock and Roll!

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