Crossfit University: Gluttons for Punishment?

Gluttons for Punishment?

Aspen Crossfit’s 21-Day Sugar Detox

By Angel Naivalu

“Has he gone crazy!?!” 


We wonder if all that power lifting has finally affected Erik Larson’s brain! 


“He wants us to do what!?! 21 days without SUGAR!?!  Really, why do that, I mean, I workout like this so that I CAN eat whatever I want.”


As long as you’ve been training at Aspen Crossfit, you’ve been learning about fitness.  New concepts, new routines, and new PR’s have convinced you that SOMETHING is definitely working!


Well, it’s 2012, where will your fitness take you this year?

Can it get any better?

Where and how do you plan to improve?


Whatever the goal – whether less body fat, more visible muscle, greater strength, speed, less recovery time – the secret may not be hidden in the gym. 


What if I told you that working out at Aspen Crossfit is 20% of your total fitness? 

“Well, that’s a dang good 20%!” Is what I’d say. 

Certainly, it’s made a heck of a lot of difference, but guess what?  There’s another 80% that you can address that will transform, not just your looks, but your overall wellness AND longevity!


It’s a widely held belief that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% working out!

You can undo really quickly what you’ve accomplished in a WOD by what you put into your body later that same day!


“But I don’t want to give up…..” We all have it.  Foods we love that we just don’t want to give up.  Is it because we “love,” them…..or is it because we’re addicted to them?  I’ll leave that up to you to address.  Just know that much of what makes up the S.A.D. (the truly “sad” Standard American Diet,) is very addictive due to chemicals, additives and preservatives…including sugars and sugar substitutes.


Dependency is not freedom…in any form.


The 21-Day Sugar Detox is the road to freedom!  It is a start at gaining liberation from cravings, ridding yourself of immune suppressing agents, and ultimately, the eliminating ingredients that are inhibiting your true physical potential!


Chew on these thoughts for a few days.  And know that there are many who follow the “80/20 Rule” for nutrition + exercise.  See what these trainers and coaches have to say:

“As a matter of fact, I’d say you are wasting your time in the gym until you clean up your diet and implement a sound fitness nutrition protocol. It would be nice if we could work off last night’s junk meal with some extra cardio. Despite what some trainers would have you believe, it just doesn’t work that way.”  Nate Miyaki


“Why is nutrition important? 

·       Nutrition is 80% of any fitness routine 

·       Proper nutrition helps the body burn fat and promote lean muscle mass 

·       Understanding nutrition helps you recognize what and when you should eat 

·       Feeding the body healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats help promote a steady metabolism that will turn the body into a fat burning machine.”

Eating is Over 80% Of The Puzzle

Proper nutrition is over 80% of the battle. Once you conquer this battle you will be on your way to FREEDOM.  Many people go through a ton of fad diets & products to get results, but find that their body goes back to the way it was before or even worse.  On the other hand many workout and years later look the same and still haven't figured out the formula.

Here’s to 2012! 

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