Friday August 1st

Warmup:  Group 8

PreWOD:  3-3-3-3-3 Bench Press

Go as heavy as possible.  You must complete 3 reps each set.  Choose weight wisely.

WOD:  3X6 minute AMRAP, rest 2 min between

6 Power Snatch (75/55)

9 Pushups

12 Lateral Jumps over Paralette (Feet must be together)

If paralette is kicked over, stop and do 10 Burpees

Post scores for each AMRAP

Absolutely no dropping bars with 10lb plate setup.

PostWOD:  Shoulder Mobility

"No one can give you wisdom.  You must discover it for yourself, on the journey through life, which no one can take for you." ~ Sun Bear

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Thursday July 31st

Warmup:  Killer Kate

Prisoner squats




PreWOD:  3X8 OHS

Go AHAP with emphasis on form


5 Medball Cleans (20/14)

10 Pistols

15 DUs (3:1)

PostWOD:  4X10 Partner Leg Tosses

"The little things I can obey.  But the big things – how we think, what we value – those you must choose for yourself.  You can't let anyone – or any society – determine those for you." ~ Morrie Schwartz

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Wednesday July 30th

Warmup:  5 rounds of 10 OHS, 10 Pushups, 10 Good Mornings

Then 2 min T-Spine Smash with Roller

PreWOD:  EMOM 12

2 Push Press @ 80%

WOD:  5 Rounds for Time

10 Deadlifts (225/165)

20 Wallball (20/14)

PostWOD:  Couch Stretch, Oly Wall Stretch, Ideal Stretch

"Safety is the most unsafe path you can take, safety keeps you numb and dead.  People are caught by surprise when it is time to die.  They have allowed themselves to live so little." ~ Steven Levine

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Tuesday July 29th

Warmup:  Run 2 min, 50 Jumping Jacks, 30 OHS, 30 V-Ups, 30 Lunges, 15 Pass-Thrus, 15 Phelps

PreWOD:  2-2-2-2-2-2-2 High Hang Clean & Jerk 

Build to a heavy set.

WOD:  "Elizabeth"


Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dips

Post WOD:  5X10 GHD Situps

"Examine the labels you apply to yourself.  Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross." ~ Wayne Dyer

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Friday July 25th

Warmup:  6 minute cycle

6 OHS with PVC

6 Pass Thrus

6 Mtn Climbers (L/R = 2)

6 Pushups

PreWOD:  5 Sets of Max Reps

Bodyweight Bench Press

Ring Dips

If your 1RM is your bodyweight or less, take 70% of your 1RM for Bench Press


In teams of 3 perform the following:

1 team member runs 200M (50M shuttle)

1 team member holds plank (on elbows)

1 team member performs Burpees

As the runner comes in, they switch with Burpees which moves up to plank which moves to the run.

Cycle through this as many times as possible in 18 minutes.  Score is total Burpees.

PostWOD:  100 Unbroken Abmat situps.  Place all feet together in the center and cover with sandbag.  One team member calls rep count and pace.

"To each of us, at certain points of our lives, there come opportunities to rearrange our formulas and assumptions – not necessarily to be rid of the old, but more to profit from adding something new." ~ Leo Buscaglia

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Thursday July 24th


Killer Kate – Freestyle


3-3-3-3-3 Push Press

Work up to 80% 1RM


10 Deadlifts (225/165)

10 T2B


Ideal Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Couch Stretch

"Don't give up.  Keep going.  There is always a chance that you will stumble onto something terrific.  I have never heard of anyone stumbling over anything while sitting down." ~ Ann Landers

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