Thursday December 18th

WarmUp:  4 minute easy row then Burgener Warmup (on Coach’s cue)

PreWOD:  5X1 2 Position Snatch

High Hang


WOD:  “Jackie”

Row 1,000

50 Thrusters (45#)

30 Pullups

Check your times from previous attempts and go for a new Jackie PR.

PostWOD:  5X10 GHD Hip Extensions

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude form achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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Wednesday December 17th

WarmUp:  4 rounds of…

10 OHS (35/15)

10 Triangle Pushups

10 Jumping Jacks

Please no dropping empty barbells

PreWOD:  Tabata Hollow Rocks and Supermans

This is a full Tabata of each alternating back and forth.  Supermans are an up and down movement, not a static hold.

WOD:  Each for time…


Power Cleans (96/65)

Box Jumps (24/20)

7 minute time cap

Rest 3 minutes, then…


Power Snatch (75/55)

Double Unders (3:1)

7 minute time cap

No dropping barbells at these loads.

PostWOD:  3 sets with no rest of…

25 Situps and 1 Min Plank Hold


Igniter – For time…

25 Russian KBS (24/16)

50 Triangle Pushups

25 Goblet Squats (24/16)

The Launch – For time…


Wallball (20/14)


Jettison – 4 rounds for max reps

1 Min Max reps Doubleunders

1 Min Max reps Mountain Climbers


Tabata T2B and Wallsits (Alternate)

“I learned in an extremely hard way that the accountability falls with me.” ~ Stephen Baldwin

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Tuesday December 16th

WarmUP:  2 rounds of McLain

PreWOD:  5X1 2 position clean + jerk

High Hang



As heavy as possible


8 Thrusters (95/65)

16 Lateral Bar Hops

24 Situps

PostWOD:  Couch Stretch, Ideal Stretch, Calf Stretch

You know WODs are tough – on your body and on your mind.  You know that when your legs are shaking and you can barely breathe, it takes more than physical strength to make it all the way to-and through-the final rep.  That is where your coaches come in.  We are here to motivate and inspire you.  To ignite your inner greatness.  We know you can do more and so do you.  Sometimes it just takes a few words to get you through it.  We love what we do and we love you all as well.  Keep up the great work guys and gals!

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Monday December 15th

WarmUp:  2 minute run, then across the length of box…

Bear Crawl


Duck walk

Crab Walk


2 Front Squats at 85%

WOD:  For time…

10 DL (275/195)

20 Pullups

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

40 KBS (24/16)

50 DUs (3:1)

40 KBS

30 Box Jumps

20 Pullups

10 DL

PostWOD:  Modified Hurdler Stretch, T-Spine Smash, LAX ball to C-Spine

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” ~ Mario Andretti

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Friday December 12th

WarmUp:  3 Minute run, Banded Lateral walks (10 per side), Monster Walks (10 per side), Banded Squats (20), Bird Dogs (6-8 per side)

PreWOD:  Back Squats – Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets)

1 – 6 @ 55%

2 – 5 @ 65%

3 – 3 @ 75%

4 – 2 @ 80%

5 – 2 @ 85%

Then immediately one max effort set at 80%.  You get one breath at the top.  If you stop and rest you are done.

WOD:  For time

100 Burpees

Every minute on the minute stop and perform 5 Wallballs (20/14)

PostWOD:  IT Band with barbell followed by Couch Stretch

“Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” ~ Steve Jobs

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Thursday December 11th

WarmUp:  4 rounds of…

10 PVC Pass-thrus (reverse grip)

10 OHS

10 OH Walking Lunge (L/R=1)

2 min Frog Stretch

PreWOD:  5 Sets of…

1 Halting Snatch DL stopping at Knee

1 Snatch Pull

1 Snatch

Go as heavy as possible


15 Russian KBS (32/24)

10 Box Jumps (30/24)

5 Shoot Thrus on Parallettes

PostWOD:  Partner seated medball twist (30 each direction)

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.  We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

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